This is a world first engine swap.
Cobra motor in a Volvo 240.
Built for 1000whp but currently at 500whp that will leave you in a cloud of tire smoke in 2 sec

-Modular Ford 4.6 4V..
-MMR stroker kit í 4.75
( 5.0 Coyote Crankshaft , H-beam rods
-Compressor ratio 9.2:1 
-Vortech V2 Supercharger with watercooled intercooler
-Holley HP EFI
-MSD Ignition System
-Custom Exhaust system
-8an ptfe fuel lines (1/2")
-2stk Aeromotive 340lph fuel pumps
-Ford Racing fuel injectors
-Holley Ethanol sensor
-Custom Cabon air-intake


-Tremec TR3650 rebuilt with stronger parts
-McLeod Twindisc clutch
-Fidanza aluminum-flywheel

Brakes and Suspension;
-9" Ford Axle
-Richmond with 3.50:1 ratio
-TrueTrac locking
-Ford Mustang brakes og hydro-booster
-Hjólnöf boruð í 5x114.3
-Powerstop discs and pads
-Custom QA1 coilover in front
-GAS Coilover at back
-Custom adjustable upper wishbones and panhard bar
-MKM lower wishbones in rear
-Larger ballance rod in front
and two larger in the back
-Poly bushes in everything in undercarriage