Esjan - Hiking near Reykjavík

One of the most popular hiking trails are at the mount Esja.

Close to Reykjavík and offers several types of trails and if you decide to hike to the top you can even keep going and end up hiking down at Móskarðshnúkar.

Starting point:

Your starting point will be here from there its up to you but in this blog I will show you few of my favourite trails.

As you can see here there are loads of trails just from this starting point.

If you want a decent hike but not spend hours on the trails then set your aim for "Steinn"

Sitting at 600m high, I would say that is the most popular one and at some parts it is pretty steep walking up.

Pictures from the trail to Steinn

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When you reach Steinn and feel like you want more then you can go from Steinn and continue from there all the way to Þverfellshorn at 780m.

Be careful in snow or rain, there have been several accidents ther

Turn it up a little? Here is my favourite trail.

Starting at Kerhólakambur, walking over Esjan towards Hábunga and then walk down Þverfellshorn past "Steinn" as I mention earlier and all the way down to the parking lot is my favourite trail.

Give yourself the day for this one, depending on the form of course.

Starting point is here

From the parking you will walk a small path towards the canyon and when you reach it enter and walk by the river, you might have to cross the river by jumping on some rocks.

As you will see, Kerhólakambur is very steep and you will have to be careful when climbing out of the canyon, do to how slippery the slope can be and hard to see sometimes but don't worry there are markers (little coloured sticks from the ground) that should point out the trail.

Just take your time, go on your own pace and most of all enjoy the view!

The view from up there is fantastic

From the top you will walk towards Hábunga passing Þverfell on the way, this is a relatively easy walk.

We stopped for a while and ate, looking over Reykjavík from up there.

Great time for a snack


At 911m it is the highest point you can reach in the area.

Rather easy hike when you're already up on top of Esja but a little more difficult during winter with snow covering the ground.

Hard to resist making a snow angel

My Nordikó bottle

See you on the next trail !

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