Travelling to Landamannalaugar - River crossings and more good to know.

Few weeks back I asked you on Facebook if you would be intrested in me talking in English about travelling my country and tell you a little about photographing it. The response was way more than I thought and I cant thank you all enough for your kind words.

I travelled with my friend and legendary photographer Aron T and his special equipped Suzuki the beast vitara.

We took the ring road all the way to Vegamót where to drove towards Landmannaleið also called Dómadalsleið.

Then we ventured on into Fjallabak Nyrðra or road F208 as many of you might know it by.

F208 has many small river crossings that are usually no problem for smaller 4x4, depending on weather conditions.

We guided few Dacia dusters over and one Outlander that lost its front numberplate in the crossing and yeah also one brave Nissan Qashqai.

We turned off F208 and into Álftavatnskrókur- F233 where we met our match in river crossings. Do not cross it if you are not on a big 4x4 and know how to cross it, because its deep and rocky, you do not go straight over this river.

We turned around and decided to venture on to Fagrifoss at road F206.

F206 has small river crossings and should be fine for most 4x4.

I love talking/writing about travelling Iceland but Im not going to have this any further, so here is the video, feel free to subscribe for more.

Here are the photos from the trip, hope you enjoy.

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