Updated: Nov 6, 2020

When traveling the Southern region of Iceland you’ll have endless of spectacular scenery but one is hidden and lesser known…

Múlagljúfur offers almost everything Iceland is famous for, canyon,river, waterfall, volcano and breathtaking view from the top.

Múlaá, which is fed from the snow covered volcano Öræfajökull, runs through Múlagljúfur canyon and past Hangandi waterfall which is 122m high waterfall that contributes to Hangandifosslækur. 


If you are coming from Jökulsárlón you should see a gravel road on your right heading towards the mountains, its not a fun drive but short. This road will lead you to a small gravel area where you can park and prepare.

To get there you will have to hike around 2,5 km, it took me about one hour. Have the right shoes for this, because you will travel across mud, gravel and slippery stones, eventually cross a river (not deep) and then keep going up. There are really no signs pointing you towards the canyon and the trail is not really that visible, brightside is there are some markers on the way that you can use.


most of all just take your time and enjoy the view!

If you’re traveling through the southern region you can use my guide to visit some mesmerizing locations or feel free to contact me through Facebook or Email

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