We decided to go to Skriðuklaustur for a coffee buffet which is served between 15:00 and 17:30.

It costs 2.500kr per person which we did not think too much for such a large selection of good cakes.

My favorite was without a doubt the Hrútaberja skyrcake and if they would offer a home delivery, I would order one now!


The Gunnars-house at Skriðuklaustur was built in 1939 by the author Gunnar Gunnarsson. The house was originally supposed to cost 50,000 kroner to build but the total cost went to 200,000 thousand which at that time is equivalent to building ten houses in Reykjavik. From June to October 1939, between 20 and 30 people worked at the building, not including the maids and other helpers. In total it is estimated that about 100 people worked on the project. The workers’ log for the building records about 33,000 working hours for 64 people and and there can be no doubt there were more people involved, than is recorded in the log. You can read more about this unique house here

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