Vestrahorn, a place like no other.

Vestrahorn Picture provided by   Sergio M.

Picture provided by Sergio M.


Traveling from Reykjavík to Vestrahorn - Stokksnes is about a 6 hour drive or 480 km… and its worth every minute of it.

When vou’ve been traveling across Iceland and you’ve seen a sign that says “hurdigurdifjord - X km” you are finally getting close to a town called Höfn í Hornafirði, usually pronounced höbbn í honnafiddi, you will start seeing one of Iceland’s most famous natural attraction, for a good reason!

To enter the Stokksnes area you will have to stick with road 1 and after a few minutes driving past Höfn you will have to make a right turn from the road and drive beside the mountain Vestrahorn towards the beautiful black sand that covers a large part of Stokksnes

You will come upon a small shop called Viking Cafe, there you will have to pay to enter the Stokksnes area.

The fee wasn’t much or about 400kr if I remember correctly.
From the Viking Cafe you’ll get two choices, to go see the Viking village or go through a gate and enter what I now call my favorite place in Iceland and here’s why…

Viking Village at Stokksnes

When you have driven the road towards the black sand beach, you get a pleasant surprise…you can drive further in and see some amazing waves hit Stokksnes lighthouse, this is something I highly recommend doing.

Waves with Vestrahorn in the background

The waves can reach serious hights.

Admiring the waves

After almost being hit by waves you turn around and there you’ll have a beautiful panoramic view of Vestrahorn

Vestrahorn in all its glory

If you’re traveling through the southern region you can use my guide to visit some mesmerizing locations or feel free to contact me through Facebook or Email